The article below was written by Danny Nelson, a news reporter at CoinDesk with a focus on lawmakers and federal regulators. He was previously the lead investigative reporter for the Tufts Daily. Four years ago, Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a fraud,

The article below was written by Sebastian Sinclair, the market and news reporter for CoinDesk operating in the South East Asia time zone. He has experience trading in the cryptocurrency markets, providing technical analysis, and covering news developments affecting the movements on

  As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enter the mass adoption phase banks and financial institutions are buying in and holding.   When you consider the amount of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies these banks and financial institutions can control, you will have a

The article below was written by Nicholas Vega, a money reporter from CNBC, and was published on CNBC Make It website on March 4, 2021. It is good to see that people are getting into cryptocurrencies, but when people get into anything