If you had it, where would put $1,000 in 2021?


If you are thinking about putting it in your savings account, here are what some of the nine biggest financial institutions are paying yearly for their savings account:


JP Morgan Chase – 0.01 APY (Annual Percentage Yield)

Bank of America – 0.01 APY

Wells Fargo – 0.01 APY


By looking at those numbers above you can see why it is hard for the working man or woman to save enough money to get ahead, let alone try to become financially independent!


The S&P 500 average return for 2020 was 13.6 percent.

The Dow Jones Average Return for 2020 was 6.87 percent.


The average annual return for 401k’s for 2020 was 2.72 percent.

Historically investors in IRA’s can expect a return between 7 and 10 percent annually.

According to TSP.gov the year-to-date return for 2020 was 0.76 percent.

I am not a Financial Advisor, a Financial Planner, or a CPA, and I am not giving you financial advice. I am simply sharing with you where I am putting my FIAT CURRENCY (The U.S. Dollar); in cryptocurrency trading, and for the month of February 2021, I received 14.2 percent.


Yes, you read that right, in February 2021 I earned 14.2 percent.


Here is the kicker, I have another cryptocurrency trading account where the return for 5 to 31 January 2021, was 36.18 percent.


It was not for the whole month of January 2021, because the trader I am following did not start trading for the company until 5 January 2021.


The best thing about the cryptocurrency trading account discussed above is:

  1. I maintain control of my cryptocurrency!
  2. With the use of technology, the trader does the trading for me, so I do not have to sit in front of my computer all day.
  3. When the trader does the sell order, all the profits are deposited in my exchange wallet.
  4. I pay no fee for the trader to do the trading on my behalf.
  5. My gains are stored in a stable coin and available in my exchange wallet for the next trade.


Everyone I have shared this with who has set up their account and is actively involved in cryptocurrency trading is making a profit.


Watch the explainer video below, and if you want a full overview before you decided, watch the overview by the founder of the company.


Explainer Video: https://youtu.be/klc8_lCOzAM

Overview Video: https://youtu.be/kS-Onp6M2hA




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