The man behind Copy Pro Traders is its founder Mr. Antione McBay.


I can tell you everything that you can find yourself by going to Google and entering his name, and I highly recommend you conduct your own due diligence.


What I can share with you about Mr. Antione McBay is that every time I am on a Copy Pro Traders webinar with him, I see that he has his customer’s best interest at heart.


He has seen countless people lose their cryptocurrency to “Promise to Pay” companies and started Copy Pro Traders to give cryptocurrency novices and enthusiasts a place where they never have to worry about Copy Pro Traders disappearing with their cryptocurrency.


Your cryptocurrency remains in your wallet on your exchange.


Using your exchanges API Keys, you connect your account to the Copy Pro Traders platform, tell Copy Pro Traders platform how much USDT you want available for each trade, select a trader to follow, and technology will take over.


When the trader you are following enters a trade, you will receive an email informing you that the trader you are following just entered a trade.


You will also receive an email when the trader you are following exits a trade. The profits are deposited in your wallet in USDT and are available for the next trade.


With Copy Pro Traders You Do Not Pay Your Subscription Until You Are in Profit


With the upgrades to the software behind Copy Pro Traders, Mr. Antione McBay is going to allow customers who meet a certain criterion, not to have to pay for their next month’s subscription until they are in profit.


Based upon the expectation the traders have of possibly earning between one and three percent per trade, I do not see how this could become an issue, but since we are dealing with cryptocurrencies, and they are very volatile, it could be a possibility, so it is good to know that Mr. McBay is looking out for his customer.


Copy Pro Traders Charitable Contributions


Mr. Antione McBay is donating a portion of the monthly subscription to several charitable organizations, and this has been highlighted on every webinar he has which occurs Sunday through Thursday night at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.


One of the charities Copy Pro Traders contributes to is Feed My Starving Children. It is a Non-Profit organization that delivers meals to starving children around the world and has delivered over 2.7 billion meals to date.


Another charity Copy Pro Traders is giving to is Breast Cancer Awareness. Shortly after Mr. McBay graduated from high school, his mother passed away from breast cancer. He was away in college on a football scholarship with aspirations of playing in the NFL. He went back home to help his grandmother raise his six-year-old brother.


The Completely Optional Copy Pro Traders Affiliate Plan

The above image was recreated to represent the Cashflow Quadrant taken from Robert Kiyosaki’s book by the same name.


When you pay your $99 monthly subscription you are operating on the right side of the Quadrant as an investor.


With Copy Pro Traders, your cryptocurrency is working for you, and you are not working for your cryptocurrency!


Most people dream of operating in this quadrant, but many will never possess the financial where with all to do so.


As a Cryptocurrency Trader with Copy Pro Traders, once you have your system set up and the trader you are following begins executing trades on your behalf, you are officially in the

“I” Quadrant of the Cashflow Quadrant.


If you decide to participate in the completely optional Copy Pro Traders Affiliate Program, you start operating in the “B” Quadrant of the Cashflow Quadrant.


Many of Copy Pro Traders customers want nothing to do with the Affiliate Program when they first get started; however, after generating profits as they participate in the trading, they ask how they can share the system with others.


As an Affiliate, you get $21 in Bitcoin for each person that you personally refer.


Once you have referred your second person, you become eligible to earn $7 on each person on your team in levels 2 through 7.


Copy Pro Traders March 2021 Promotion


Starting in March 2021, and after the software updates, for a short period of time, you will earn $14 on any customer who joins Copy Pro Traders on your third level and pays their $99 subscription instead of $7.


Copy Pro Traders Top Affiliate Position


To qualify as a Copy Pro Traders Top Affiliate, you must personally refer 15 new customers who have an active subscription, and those 15 customers/Affiliates need to refer five active customers of their own.


Once you meet the above requirements, your commission for personally referred customers/Affiliates becomes $31 a month.


Your commission on active customers/Affiliates on levels two through seven becomes $17 a month instead of $7, and for any active customers/affiliates on level eight through infinity, you will earn $10 a month.


You will continue to receive the Copy Pro Traders Top Affiliate commission until someone below you achieve that position, and you will no longer receive the Top Affiliate bonus on anyone below the new Top Affiliate on your team.


My goal was never to provide you with an exhaustive list of accomplishments about Copy Pro Traders founder Mr. Antione McBay. It was to provide you with some information about the man behind Copy Pro Traders that I have observed and to give you an idea of the type of company he has built with Copy Pro Traders.


The video below will fill in some of the blanks and answer some of the questions you may have about Copy Pro Traders. If you still have questions, leave me a comment below.

Watch a recorded webinar lead by Copy Pro Traders founder, Mr. Antione McBay to see for yourself and to get an idea of the man behind Copy Pro Traders.










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