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When one of the biggest banks in the United States only offers a product to their wealthiest customer and not everyone, you are being overlooked and left behind when it comes to cryptocurrencies.


On March 17, 2021, Morgan Stanley announced that it would be making Bitcoin Funds available to its wealthy clients.


They tried to justify it by saying their high-net-worth clients are in a better position to handle the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. And since they are managing their accounts, Morgan Stanley will limit their participation to 2.5 percent of their investment account.


The wealthy are taking part in the transfer of wealth being created by the institutional money flowing into the cryptocurrency space.


Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the largest bank in the United States called bitcoin a fraud in 2017, but in 2018 JP Morgan Chase set up a location overseas to study blockchain technology (the technology Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reside on).


In 2019 JP Morgan Chase launched their own cryptocurrency exchange to transfer money overseas for their wealthy business customers.


Jamie Dimon said it was cheaper and faster than traditional money transfer services. If it’s good for their business clients, shouldn’t it be good for all their clients?


Since 2019, over 300 banks are using JP Morgan Chase’s exchange to transfer money overseas for their business and wealthy customers.


In 2020 JP Morgan Chase added Coinbase and Gemini as two of their cryptocurrency clients. Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, and Gemini is owned by the Winklevoss Twins (Mark Zuckerberg’s former partners in Facebook).


Who is looking out for the working man and woman and thinks they should be able to take part in the wealth being created in the cryptocurrency space?




The same wealthy individuals who were putting out negative information (F.U.D. = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are profiting on those same cryptocurrencies today!


Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) of Shark Tank who admits to contributing to the F.U.D. that was put out about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies recently admitted he had negative things to say, but because as western countries put out regulations about Bitcoin, he is now investing in Bitcoin mining.


Kevin also said he has held Bitcoin since 2017, but because of his fiduciary responsibility, he could not say so!


Hmmm! A classic case of doing as I say while I do something different!


Let me put out bad information, but behind the scenes, while I am going to position myself to take advantage of the same thing I am putting out confusing information about.


Ladies and gentlemen, the rich have access to information that the working man and woman will never have access to!


With this information, they can make financial decisions that increase their wealth while the working man and woman are left to believe the F.U.D. that is put out to prevent them from acting.


There is a safe and almost RISK-FREE way for you to get involved in the cryptocurrency space and earn a daily profit.

I say almost RISK-FREE because the cryptocurrency market is volatile and putting your money into it involves risk!


However, when you let a Professional manage your account, you can mitigate some of that risk!


Watch the video at the link below and let me know one of the following:


  1. I like what I see and hear, and I am ready to get started.
  2. I like what I see, but I have some questions.


Regardless of whether you select 1 or 2 from above, things are changing in the financial world, and they will be moving their operations to the blockchain.

If you do nothing with this information, please start educating yourself about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. If you do nothing you will be a member of the working men and women who is being left behind when it comes to cryptocurrencies.


If you think this is not for you, please share it with someone you care about who may be looking for a way to grow their disposable income.

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